At the Center for Optimum Health, P.C., we embrace the concept of biochemical individuality: the idea that people are each physiologically unique and, as such, require treatment specifically tailored to their own individual needs. We offer state-of-the-art medicine from as individual an approach to diagnosis and treatment as is currently available in the physical medicine realm.

We do this using a biofeedback-enhanced physical exam, which is a state-of-the-art form of muscle response testing that combines the best of Applied, Clinical and Educational Kinesiology (muscle testing) techniques with autonomic nervous system (ANS) research. This method of diagnosis is called Autonomic Response Testing, or Neural Kinesiology, and it is what allows us to determine treatment priorities that are specific to each individual.

Each person's journey towards optimal health is unique. By being able to tap into the body's innate healing wisdom in this way, a specific road map can be constructed for each individual's healing journey. We find that, when we honor the body's inner wisdom like this, miracles can happen.. .and optimum health truly becomes possible.