Toxic chemicals (xenobiotics) are the contaminants in our environment which keep people from reaching a state of optimum health. Detoxification therapies are designed primarily to reduce this toxic load and to remove these chemicals from the body.

To detoxify successfully, physiologic functions must be in optimal condition. Impaired physiology blocks or slows down detoxification. Nutritional deficits and metabolic imbalances result, thus impeding the detoxification process.

To enhance this process and keep it moving without making people significantly ill, Dr. Zupa begins by addressing ANS imbalances which may block or slow down de-toxification. Allergy elimination (N.A.E.T.) treatments follow, if indicated, so that nutrients will be better absorbed.

Sometimes an evaluation by a holistic dentist is recommended, if indicated, to diagnose and treat dental interference fields (such as infections from extracted or root canaled teeth, removal of amalgam fillings, and eliminating microcurrents and/or the metallic taste created by multiple metals in the mouth, known as electrogalvanism).

Intestinal hydrotherapy is utilized as needed, and patients are encouraged to do what they can to reduce stress, eat well, increase pure water intake, and exercise while going through the detoxification process. We do not believe people must feel worse in order to feel better. Detoxification with nonprotocol diagnostic techniques allows for individualized detox prescription, so patients can feel as well as possible during their healing process.