Autism is a severely handicapping disorder, which begins at birth or within
the first 2 ½ years of life. It affects about five children per 10,000. Most
autistic children are perfectly normal in appearance, but spend their time
engaged in puzzling and disturbing behaviors, which are markedly different
from those of normal children.

The causes of autism are poorly understood, although it is clear that autism
is a biological brain disorder. In recent years there has been a marked
increase in the percentage of children who have been able to attend school
with normal children, and to live more or less independently in community
settings. However, the majority of autistic persons remain severely
handicapped in their ability to communicate and socialize with other people.

For more information on the disorder, please visit the Autism Research
Institute at The Autism Research Institute
(ARI), a non-profit organization, was established in 1967. ARI is primarily
devoted to conducting research, and to disseminating the results of research,
on the causes of autism and on methods of preventing, diagnosing and treating
autism and other severe behavioral disorders of childhood. The institute
provides information based on research to parents and professionals
throughout the world.

Dr. Zupa provides care for individuals who have autism and related disorders.
She focuses on hyperactivy/ADD, PDD, OCD, depression, candida, and allergies
among others. Dr. Zupa treats patient through the use of megavitamin therapy
and other naturopathic treatments.