Our office is generally open four days per week, 9am - 6pm. The days and times vary as we attempt to accommodate all our patients by having Saturday hours by appointment only. Dr. Zupa regularly attends seminars as well, which causes variations in the schedule. In case of emergency, Dr. Zupa is available on her emergency number at (203) 667-8140.


Dr. Zupa is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive and natural health care available. In order to maintain this standard Dr. Zupa seeks your understanding of and compliance with payment and insurance policies.

Payment must be made at the time of service. We do not accept assignment from insurance companies. Patients will be charged in full for scheduled appointments that are not kept when the courtesy of a cancellation has not been given at least 48 hours in advance. Should collection action be required, a collection fee of 15% of the outstanding balance will be assessed. This office does not accept out-of-state checks. We do accept cash, traveler's cheques, debit card, Mastercard and Visa.


INITIAL VISIT $285.00 (60 mins), $250.00 (45 mins),
$195.00 (30 mins), $150.00 (20 mins)
RETURN OFFICE VISITS $235.00 (40 mins), $165.00 (25 mins),
$120.00 (15 mins)
TELEPHONE/EMAIL CONSULT $65.00 per 15 mins
MISSED APPOINTMENT $235.00 (60 mins reserved)

Appointments exceeding 40 mins will be charged incrementally, at approximately $65.00 per 15 minute increments.
Fees vary according to individual needs, complexity of case, treatments and time necessary for individual case.

There is a processing charge of $25.00 for any returned checks.


If supplements need to be shipped to you from our office, payment is expected prior to the shipment or the package will be shipped C.O.D.