Dr. Victoria Zupa is a Naturopathic Physician trained as a specialist in alternative (natural) medicine at Bastyr University - a four-year, graduate-level, Naturopathic Medical School.  Dr. Zupa also has four years of pre-med and holds a B.A. in Psychology. Although educated in the conventional medical sciences and licensed by the State of Connecticut to practice Naturopathic Medicine, she is not an M.D.  Dr. Zupa carries an N.D. (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine).

Dr. Zupa is also licensed as an N.M.D. (Naturopathic Medical Doctor) in the state of Arizona and New Hampshire.  She received her diplomat in Family Medicine in Arizona and is now board certified in Family Medicine through the American Board of Naturopathic Medical Specialties, Inc.  She holds the initials, F.N.C.F.M.  Dr. Zupa is also a charter member of the College of Family Medicine.

Dr. Zupa treats patients using clinical nutrition, homeopathic medicine, botanical medicine, physical medicine, neural therapy, neural kinesiology, biological terrain analysis, electrodermal screening, allergy desensitization therapy, exercise therapy, BAH, Acmos Energy, counseling and stress management, as well as hydrotherapy.  These treatments are tailored to the needs of the individual patient.  As a Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Zupa will interface with all other branches of medical science.

When necessary, Dr. Zupa will perform physical examinations, laboratory testing, gynecological exams, nutritional and dietary assessments, metabolic analysis and other diagnostic tests.


Our office is generally open four days per week, 9:30am – 5 pm. The days can vary as we attempt to accommodate all our patients by having Saturday hours by appointment only. Dr. Zupa regularly attends seminars as well, which may cause variation in the schedule.

In case of emergency, Dr. Zupa is available on her emergency number at (203) 667-8140.

Dr. Zupa is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive and natural health care available. In order to maintain this standard, Dr. Zupa seeks your understanding of and compliance with payment and insurance policies.


Payment must be made at the time of service.  We do not accept payment from insurance companies.  Patients will be charged in full for scheduled appointments that are not kept when the courtesy of a cancellation has not been given at least 48 hours in advance.  Should collection action be required, a collection fee of 20% of the outstanding balance will be assessed.  This office does not accept out-of-state checks.  We do accept cash, traveler’s checks, debit card, Mastercard and Visa.


INITIAL VISIT $305.00 (60 mins), $265.00 (45 mins),
$210.00 (30 mins)
RETURN OFFICE VISITS $245.00 (40 mins), $180.00 (25 mins),
$150.00 (15 mins) 
TELEPHONE/EMAIL CONSULT $70.00 per 15 mins (This time includes phone time, writing chart notes, creating treatment plans, emails, lab reviews, etc.)
MISSED APPOINTMENT $305.00 per hour reserved
EMERGENCY CALLS, EMAILS, ETC. $90.00 per 15 minutes, (This time includes phone time, writing chart notes, emails, lab reviews, etc.)
HOURLY RATE HOUSE CALLS $350.00-$450.00 per hour (This includes travel time, phone time, preparation time, writing chart notes, creating treatment plans, emails, lab reviews, preparation time, etc.)
CONSULTATION FEES Consulting and organizational fees with other physicians, laboratories i.e. RGCC Group, etc. will be charged at the rate of $350.00-$450.00 per hour. Rates will vary and be dependent upon complexity of the case, the Lab tests being analyzed and amount of explanations the patient requires.

Appointments exceeding 40 minutes will be charged incrementally at approximately $70.00 for 15-minute increments. 

Fees vary according to individual needs, complexity of case, treatments, and time necessary for individual case.

After hours, weekend and holiday will vary depending upon complexity of the case.

Administrative charges:
Administrative staff charges for creation, maintenance and updates to excel spread sheets, word documents, etc.
for standard laboratory, diet diary and other data based files will be billed at 50.00 per hour. This does not include
the physician’s charges for verifying data that the administrative staff entered. Verification of data will be billed at
the physician’s standard hourly rate.

There is a processing charge of a $50.00 fee for any returned checks.



If supplements need to be shipped to you from our office, payment is expected prior to the shipment or the package will be shipped C.O.D..